Clean Cruise Tech seen at Monaco - enjoy your day

Monaco Yacht Show 2011 - inside 20 Min. Hybrid electric

Can luxury contribute to green Environment ?

  • Solar PV transparent "roof" Yacht  by    PDF FLYER

  • Why Solar - Cleantech Yachts now ?
    The simple answer, good weather, sunshine, yacht show, a lot of Diesel pollution in the Air, also from stationary Aircondition Containers for the Show rooms. The port has to get a clean place
  • The Solar electric Shuttle Boat brings the Cruiseship guests to Monte-Carlo City -Lift to Casino
  • Green - Cleantech - Solar - Quality - Style what are the developments ?
  • Carbon compensated Yacht show Monaco
    The concept is interesting, but could not
    yet convince, every year a new project
    for Renewables in China or so, not to control;
    no local Initiative for neighboring Africa with
    online progress video  reports for the population 
    hit most by climate change.

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