Cleantech CleanEquity Monaco 2012    

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                                         Speaker: Alexander "Hap" Ellis III 

CleanEquity Monaco 2011 Mar 3-4 , emerging Cleantech

George Frampton Co-Chairman of President Obama's 

Environmental Quality Transfer Team.........................

              Cleantech CleanEquity Monaco 2011 - Piano Gala .....creating the Cleantech Society 7-Min HD


Carbon War Room Monaco 2011 - Speaker Peter BOYD:

"Fight Maritime Smog by Indexing Shipping Industry"

refitting Vessels, Ships, Cargos from Class D to Class A,

Ships get a visible label like a fridge.

Stop "smoking" ships in the port and/or on the sea.

Diesel Soot (black smog) treatment available now

view Monaco Yacht Show 2010 Solar Cruise Yacht

   Solar roof top Yacht a reality